Casual and chic woollen rugs

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals - 4

The Lorena Canals collection of woollen rugs has been updated, taking its cue from the international trends in interior design and the growing demand for this decorative item. Whether it’s an eclectic design with an eye-catching and daring shape or a new version of a more classic look, there’s always a woollen rug that fits perfectly into any part of the home, be it for the living room, the bedroom, the kids’ room, a play room or a corridor… An icon of quality and cosiness in the home!

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals

Casual, eye-catching, soft … the remarkable thing about the Animals collection is its range of little creatures: Lola the FlamingoBella the Deer and Chubby the Bunny. These amazing woollen rugs are perfect for the rooms of the smallest members of the household and will charm the grown-ups too, evoking fond memories of childhood pictures. The colours used are gentle yet well-defined pastel hues: pink for the flamingo, brown for the deer and grey and ivory for the bunny. With their exclusive designs, details and meticulous finishes with rounded shapes, the Animals collection will beguile you at first sight!

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals

If you prefer a more classic style, the Big Star and Little Stars collections have been enlarged with six new trend-setting colours; standing out from these is a large star in the case of the former and countless smaller stars in the case of the latter, all in ivory shades. These timeless designs lend a touch of warmth, style and comfort… stars have never felt so soft!

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals

Our woollen rugs are made in India from wool fibres of the finest quality and natural dyes on a 100% cotton base. They are made using a craft technique known as “hand tufting”, which consists of attaching each woollen thread one by one to the base of the rug. Owing to this fully artisanal process, each rug is unique and no two are exactly alike. Their density, quality and design also ensure that these woollen rugs are ideal for even the most demanding households.

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