Back to the 70’s with Terrazzo: the mosaic of stones

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After an absence of decades, terrazzo has acquired a major following in the world of interior design and is now back to decorate the floors of our homes. With its hypnotic patterns, this material creates unique compositions owing to the structure and arrangements of its shapes. The resulting patterns take their inspiration directly fromnature in the form of stones, minerals and crystals of varying colors and materials.

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals

The new collection of Terrazzo washable rugs from Lorena Canals is the reflection of this major trend in interiors. The hippest mosaic is transformed into six washable, rectangular-shaped rugs with vibrant colors that contrast with the background, such as AquamarineRose Quartz and Emerald. Meanwhile, the MarbleSapphire and Moonstone shades are more classic hues, suitable for any part of the home. If on the other hand you’re looking for inspiration to decorate the bedroom of the smallest members of the family, the Rose Quartz and Aquamarine shades are ideal. These colors, which adorn the rugs with a natural-colored base, draw clear inspiration from the 1970s. A collection replete with personality and character that will fill any part of your home with the natural feel of minerals and stones.

Isabelle Beelen - Lorena Canals -

Terrazzo is a Venetian phenomenon that dates back to the 15th century. Its origin lies in the residues of marble, a mineral prized since time immemorial for its durability, that were left over after building Venetian nobles’ floors. The etymology of the word comes from the Italian terrazza, because the technique was first used to pave the terraces around working men’s dwellings. Over the course of centuries terrazzos came to be made not only with marble but also with other materials such as granite, quartz and crystals.

Terrazzo floors will be more inviting than ever with this collection inspired by a material and a selection of colors from the 1970s. The extraordinary variety of sizes, shapes and colors ensure that this trend is among the richest and most versatile, with the consequence that it goes perfectly with any style. You can complete this collection of washable rugs with the cushions in the same range: square in outline and with shapes that imitate stones in similar tones to create a terrazzo effect. It also goes with the Tassels baskets in 11 different colors and the two hangers that make up the Black & White range.

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